FNQ Committee Meeting - Wednesday 14th 5pm

NSW Committee Meeting - Sunday 18th, Centennial Vineyards Bowral

TAS Committee Meeting - Tuesday 23rd

WA Fundraising Dinner for the Australian Culinary Senior Team as preparation for the Culinary Olympics. Sunday 18th of February at the Pavilion Restaurant, North Metropolitan TAFE at 6.30pm.  Read More  Book Here

VIC Pizza Dinner with the William Angliss Institute on Friday 23rd of February. Join us for some pizza and beer, to meet like-minded individuals in the industry. 

Australian Culinary Federation Chef weekend 24 - 27th February to be held in Adelaide, great guest speakers, good networking opportunity. A variety of packages available Read More

FNQ Lunch at Temple of Tastes Sea Temple, Palm Cove on Wednesday 28th February. Bookings will be closing the Friday prior to the lunch. Read More


QLD Committee Meeting -  Monday 5th

SA Committee Meeting -  Tuesday 6th

NT Committee Meeting -  Tuesday 6th

VIC Committee Meeting - Wednesday 14th

FNQ Committee Meeting - Wednesday 14th, 5pm

NSW, ACT & Regions Committee Meeting - Monday 19th

TAS Committee Meeting - Friday 23rd

VIC Young Chef's Club Fairy Tale Banquet on Friday 2nd of March at the Old Naroghid Hall from 6pm - 10pm. Barbara Porter and the YCC will host a 5 course banquet inspired by your favourite Fairy Tales. Book Here

NT Tuesday 6th of March at 7pm, Chef's Table: Darwin at Nirvana Restaurant. The evening will feature a special Dinner, as we as providing a great opportunity to catch up with old friends and make new ones. Read More


NSW Committee Meeting - Tuesday 3rd

SA Committee Meeting - Tuesday 3rd

NT Committee Meeting - Tuesday 3rd

QLD Committee Meeting - Monday 9th

VIC Committee Meeting - Tuesday 10th 6pm at ACF Head Office

FNQ Committee Meeting - Wednesday 11th, 5pm

TAS Committee Meeting - Friday 27th


NSW Committee Meeting - Tuesday 1st

SA Committee Meeting - Tuesday 1st

NT Committee Meeting - Tuesday 1st

QLD Committee Meeting - Monday 7th

VIC Committee Meeting - Wednesday 9th

FNQ Committee Meeting - Wednesday 9th, 5pm

TAS Committee Meeting - Friday 25th

VIC ACFV Fundraiser for Young Chefs on Saturday 26th of May, dinner commencing at 7pm with Great Chefs Jeffrey Tan & Friends. Read More


QLD Committee Meeting - Monday 4th

NSW Committee Meeting - Tuesday 5th

SA Committee Meeting - Tuesday 5th

NT Committee Meeting - Tuesday 5th

VIC Committee Meeting - Tuesday 12th 6pm at ACF Head Office

FNQ Committee Meeting - Wednesday 13th, 5pm

TAS Committee Meeting - Friday 29th


QLD Committee Meeting - Monday 2nd

NSW Committee Meeting - Tuesday 3rd

NT Committee Meeting - Tuesday 3rd

SA Committee Meeting - Tuesday 3rd

VIC Committee Meeting - Wednesday 11th

FNQ Committee Meeting - Wednesday 11th, 5pm

TAS Committee Meeting - Friday 27th


WACS  11th - 14th July 2018 WorldChefs Congress & Expo Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  

This is a bi-annual global event where chefs from more than 100 countries come together as a united chef community. July 2018, we will once again bring the world of chefs together together in the vibrant, dynamic city of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.  It will be an experience like no other, with one-of- a-kind Malaysian experiences lined up.  Get set to learn from some of the best chefs, experts, personalities, discover future trends and immerse yourself in food cultures from around the world.  We promise a few days of knowledge, camaraderie and as anyone who has joined us before...good times. Registration