Australian Culinary Federation Judges Accreditation Policy
A 2 hour training session to prepare you to judge ACF competitions at a Junior and Regional level. This workshop is the first step in our new judging program & is for all new judges & recognised regional & national judges judges that wish to be accredited by ACF. You must be a financial member to attend. Successful completion of the workshop will provide you with the certification to apply to be a registered ACF Judge.
Cost $100.00 to attend Workshop.  
ONCE you have submitted the required documentation for application to be on the register & it has been approved by culinary committee, you will be then issued with a judges jacket 
Please note if you have not done a judges workshop since 2015 you will be required to complete an application as per current procedures to be put on the judges register
Criteria, Application Procedure & Forms  CLICK HERE 
Regional Judges Workshops  CLICK HERE
Judges Register