Secondary Schools Culinary Challenge

National Secondary School Culinary Challenge


11th & 12th August 2018

Victoria will host the National Final of the Secondary Schools Culinary Challenge, this competition is the culmination of a series of state & territory regional finals, the winning teams from these competitions will go head to head over 60 minutes to prepare a main course for 2 people using chicken



Secondary Schools Culinary Challenge 6th July 2018

Winners will be eligible to compete in the International Secondary Schools Culinary Challenge to be held 11 & 12 August in Victoria. (Some fundraising is required by the winning school). Successful teams from both High School and College categories will be recognised, but only one overall winner. The participating Schools of the ACT and regions have performed well in all facets of this competition in recent years and we have no doubt that this will continue.


South Australia

Secondary Schools Culinary Challenge Monday 25th June 2018

This competition is a great opportunity for students with an interest in becoming a chef to gain invaluable contacts within the hospitality industry. It is also a lot of fun, and a great learning experience for staff and students alike. The winning team will be representing SA in the National Final to be held in Victoria 11th & 12th August
The Australian Culinary Federation of SA would like to try to ensure that every talented, passionate, young person who wants to be a chef gets every chance to do just that, regardless who they are and where they live. 




Secondary Schools Culinary Challenge 5th June

Each year the Australian Culinary Federation (ACF) conducts a cooking competition for secondary school students in each Australian state. 2018 is the second time it will be held in Tasmania. The aim of this competition is to give students an insight into the hospitality industry and to identify and encourage students who demonstrate a talent and a passion for cooking. This competition also opens the doors for competitors for future training and employment.





Secondary Schools Culinary Challenge 22nd July 2018

Winners will be eligible to compete in the National Secondary Schools Culinary Challenge to be held 11th & 12th August in Victoria. Successful teams from both High School and College categories will be recognised, but only one overall winning team. 




Junior Secondary Schools Culinary Challenge Dates TBC

This competition is designed to establish and develop links between school and industry in an effort to encourage more students to enter the commercial cookery industry. The JSSCC 2018 will incorporate Cairns, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Townsville, Brisbane North and Brisbane South regions. This competition is the property of the Australian Culinary Federation Queensland and the medals and trophies that are attained within this competition are fully industry recognized.


Senior Schools Culinary Challenge Date TBC

The SSCC is a competition for year 11 and 12 students studying Home Economics or Hospitality at high school. It objective is to give culinary students an indication of the pleasures, challenges, excitement and gravity that can accompany a career as a cook or chef. Pairs of students will represent their school and battle it out against some of the most talented young cooks in Queensland.


International Secondary Schools Culinary Competition of Queensland

 24th - 28th September Gold Coast